How you can help solve the problem of environmental degradation

Mother nature has given us our lives as we know them. You see, no matter how far the field of science and technology progresses, it cannot compete with mother nature with regards to all the blessings bestowed on us by it. The earth sustains us, provides us with means of living and allows life to be further created. However, the earth too has a certain limit which it cannot exceed. The resources that are present in this planet are not infinite, though they may seem to be. The truth is that the current consumption patterns of the human population are such that consumption increases constantly. Owing to this, natures resources are being depleted at a very alarming rate. Not only this, the activities that are required for this production further contribute towards the environmental degradation. This is a phenomenon that goes unnoticed by many of us in our daily lives. We believe that we have bigger things to worry about like our house mortgages and paychecks. However, these things will seem trivial aspects of life to you once you know the full picture behind the hazards that come with environmental degradation. To convince you to read further, I will just tell you that with such rapid environmental degradation can cause the planet earth to stop supporting life on it sooner than expected. With this being said, let me show you how you can play your part in stopping environmental degradation.


This is perhaps one of the best ways of slowing down degradation. However, you must keep in mind that the processes involved in recycling cause environmental degradation to a certain extent. How can you counter those problems? The next step is your solution.


We no longer use things that have been used before us. Second hand consumption is probably looked down upon. However, if everyone starts reusing things, the problem of environmental degradation can be combated to quite an extent.


You see, we have lost the sharing spirit. There was a time when people shared things with neighbors. Now, siblings don’t share things with one another. For instance, if one needs the number of an emergency dentist in Glasgow, he or she can use a telephone directory that the entire neighborhood shares. It is better to have one directory for  the whole neighborhood than one directory per home. Think of all the pages and ink that one can save. This will obviously cause the demand for directories to reduce leading in less demand for raw materials needed for the production process!

It all comes down to how one can make his or her consumption efficient. Production causes pollution of all sorts; noise, water and air pollution are just a few examples. They are degrading our planet by the minute. Therefore, it only makes sense to reduce production as much as possible for individuals to be able to have a clean and healthy tomorrow and for you to get the chance to play your part in stopping or at least slowing down environmental degradation.