Measures to Protect Germs in Daily Life

Germs are very dangerous micro organisms and can cause death without one knowing. Germs related disease and illness are caused from waterborne such as cholera to typhoid and even some transmitted through hand shaking and sharing objects. It is upon oneself to make sure that they observe simple instructions, rules and self discipline to win the fight against these resisting living organisms.

One can make it part and parcel of the daily life activity of washing hands. Not just washing hands but proper hand wash with Coconut for skin soaps and other detergents. After visiting the washrooms, going for a short and long class, we often sometimes just walk away very swiftly and not ashamed of ourselves carrying all the dirt and germs from the urinal. Avoiding shaking of hands is very healthy habit which everyone has to develop unless it is very necessary to shake hands and show gratitude in that way.

These germs can cause swelling of the body, irritation, headache, stomach upset and producing a lot of gases, malfunction of key organs which may lead to dehydration and other complications. Swelling of the lymph and bulging discs are also very common with germ related illnesses and side effects of not observing proper hygiene in the living area and entire lifetime. Hospitals are very crucial and must be at reach but all these cost can be avoided or cut down to reduce spending. By just observing simple rules and everything can be fine.

Creation of awareness through high school education and all the way from primary and post secondary to inform students how to deal with germs and best ways of controlling, curbing them and making life more easy. Great results have come out through sensitization and proper management and awareness creation in all aspects of life. The students often interact with almost all group ages and this is a key tool to passing information across.

Avoiding of playing dirty games and dirty objects especially children, these can be in form of following movie trailers online through a computer or play station shared by many children from different backgrounds.  Some may be transferring germs from one place to the other, parents are advised to caution their children to desist from such activities or observe cleanliness at all cost. Moving forward to secure them and make them feel great when they are healthy than tangled down in bed by these germs.

Cleanliness must be maintained everywhere and all coastlines and islands are well maintained and cleaned. Even islands such as Ibiza as can be very prone to typhoid outbreak and other forms of disease. This can cause a lot of accidental death but the government cannot be sued as the case of car accident attorney. Everything can be alright if only we manage our environment and keep it as clean as possible out of rich of deadly germs to secure our future and achieve sustainable development.